Kayo Policies

Our Policies


Settling in

We would like parents to stay with children for an agreed period of time to ensure that the children become familiar with their new environment and get to know each other and the staff.


Rest Areas

Within both the nursery and the preschool there are quiet carpeted rest areas with soft cushions where children can go if they wish to rest and relax at any time of the day.


Health Policy

Precautions should be taken when caring for a group of nchildren to prevent spreading infection, e.g. hot water, hand wash, sanitizer, and paper towels are always available.


Children Collection policy

Please ensure that you collect your child on time, late collection can be very upsetting for some children. In no circumstances should a child be allowed to go home or leave the premises except in the care of a parent or person who has been named in advance by the parent of the child.


Comments & Complaints

If you have any concerns or queries about any aspect of your child’s schooling kindly speak to the class teacher. Should the class teacher be unable to resolve the concern, then this will be progressed within 5 days to the Centre Head unless a satisfactory outcome is achieved.


Behaviour Management

We believe exhibitions of challenging behaviour are natural at certain ages and stages of development, and children need to be supported through this behaviour. Parents will be advised if it is felt that further outside support is required e.g. doctor, counselor, etc. for an On-going behavioural problem.


Equal Opportunities

We welcome all children regardless of race or creed and provide a caring and professional service to all children.


Healthy Eating Policy

Please send in a small snack with your child for a break. Children will not be allowed sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks or chewing gum under any circumstances.


Practices Prohibited

Corporal or physical punishment. Any practices that are disrespectful, exploitative, intimidating, emotionally or physically harmful or neglectful.


Toilet Training

Potty/Toilet training is a very important milestone for each and every child.Potty training is a shared job and it is important that your child gets the same messages at home and at playschool.



If the child is absent, it is important to contact the school either by letter or telephone well in advance. Please do not send your child into Pre-School if they are unwell.



A staff member with first aid will attend to a child when a child has an incident that results in harm or injury and necessitate First Aid. If your child becomes ill during the session you will be contacted to collect them.