Who We Are

It is well documented that the first few years of a child’s life are fundamental in terms of their development. Hence, our promise to parents is that every single child in our care will enjoy a warm, safe, stimulating, individual and age-appropriate education that will prove to be a critical foundation in their lifetime love of learning, development and vital confidence building.

What we do

In order to provide the best to children, we have designed our educational system around well-researched concepts. We only have your child for a few short years but we take a long- term perspective and see them as future adults and leaders. In light of this, we make every
effort to create a solid platform that can be built on.

“KAYO International has everything needed for preparing our today’s children for  tomorrow’s world”. 

Team Kayo

The team are polite, thoughtful, disciplined yet caring. 

Kayo International School champions excellence, which is why we only recruit highly qualified and experienced teachers who hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Early Years Education or equivalent from well recognized Universities. Our strength is our highly qualified staffs who have an absolute passion for giving each child the very best possible start as they take those early steps out into the world.

We are committed to providing staff with opportunities for professional development and enable them to stay up-to-date with developments in education with a comprehensive, on-going training programme. We maintain the ratio of teacher to children as follows:

Our motive is to refine their thought process, help them in developing a positive attitude towards life, prompt team spirit and improve their mental and physical abilities.Understanding the busy lifestyle of today parents, we strive towards providing every kid with homely surroundings and care while our team works with the motive of developing them in independent and confident individuals.